We were set up on a blind date :)

Tell me about the proposal?

On our 3 year anniversary, Toby blindfolded me and drove me to the pub where we had our second date (we loved this particular pub - country style with lots of fires). He got down on one knee in the car park and we went in and celebrated with Prosecco and beer!

What do you guys do for a living, What makes you tick, what do you do in your free time and what’s your ideal day?

Toby works in Comms and loves running and football (Middlesbrough particularly). I work in HR and love music (Taylor Swift and Elton John specifically!) and we both foster kittens in our spare time too. We are also renovating our house although it sadly won’t be finished in time for the wedding (if only we’d have known we’d be getting ready here!). We have 2 cats who we love far too much, Pedro is the black one who is very friendly, the ginger one is Darcy who is a bit more timid with strangers. Our ideal day would probably be a walk to the pub on a sunny day and an afternoon in the beer garden. Easily pleased!

Tell me about your vision for the day, you can go in to as much detail as you like (theme, colour scheme, atmosphere, the dress, the food, what experience you wanted to give your guests etc

I/we can get a bit awkward/embarrassed with cameras/attention but I’m really going to try on the day to not be like that and get some nice natural shots! I want the atmosphere to almost embrace the covid wedding theme. I’d never have dreamed of being on a street in Tadcaster / Harrogate in a wedding dress but we are where we are! I do hate cold/windy/wet weather though so really hoping it isn’t like that ha! The atmosphere will likely be a bit nervous and it’s far from the wedding we hoped for, but I just want to embrace the day for what it is and really cherish the ceremony part. We are saying our own vows which should be really nice too! I’m hoping to fit into my original dress which is called Sassi Holford Alexandra. It’s a bigger style dress and will likely look a bit out of place in a register office but again, who cares!









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