The day I popped the question

So I’d been planning on proposing to Sara for around 2 years, I’d already been with her for almost 10 years so whats another 2 in the grand scheme of things…..

Sara had always wanted her grandma’s engagement ring and luckily it was tucked away in a safe place, and even luckier….I knew where it was.

I had loads of crazy and wild ideas about how I could get down on one knee and ask her to be my wife. Jumping out of an aeroplane, scuba diving or on one of our adventures travelling a part of the world….seeing as though I hate heights and Sara isn’t a massive fan of scuba diving I went with the latter.

In 2014 we planned a trip to drive the west coast of America…this was it!!!

A few days before we set sail I called Sara’s dad and asked if he was sitting down, he instantly knew what was coming……and thank god he was happy, I can’t imagine how awkward it would be if he said no…..I think I would have dug a hole and I would still be hiding.

We jumped on the plane and we were off. The whole flight I was thinking of what to say, how far we have come together through thick and thin, how much I appreciate all of her support, how proud of her I am, how much I love her…..I had the perfect little blurb to give her and I couldn’t wait!!!

We arrived in San Francisco and I was planning to propose on the first day, so I threw us on a bus and we headed to Baker beach, apparently the views of the Golden Gate Bridge are epic around there. We got to the beach and walked for over an hour until I realised that the bridge was no where to be seen – the fog was sooooo thick, it just wasn’t the right place or moment to do it…damn!!!

The next day we had a segway tour planned around the harbour, it was a great opportunity to scout out some new locations to pop the question and I found the perfect spot on Crissy Fields beach.

After the segway tour it was almost time for lunch so we hired a tandem….which was a disaster from the get go….Sara obviously doesn’t trust my steering skills.

I took her back to this secluded spot on the beach over looking the bridge and told her I wanted to do a time-lapse …..unaware that I was actually setting up the camera to capture the moment I popped the question….”hurry up, I’m hungry, you spend too much time on your camera” were only a few things she was saying whilst I was melting with nerves inside.

I walked up to her with my blurb ready……..and I literally turned to jelly, I have no idea what I said to her but before I knew it I was down on one knee and reaching into my pocket for the ring, this was it, the moment I had been waiting to do for 2 years. It only lasted about 5 minutes but everything felt like it was going in slow-mo…..still one of the very top moments in my life, and i’m so glad I caught in on camera….precious memories that can be kept forever.

The rest of the trip was what I can only describe as unbelievable, I think we were on a huge high anyway but travelling the west coast was the cherry on the top – god I could relive that trip for a lifetime.

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