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When I arrive at your venue, one of the first things I will do is collect all of your accessories like rings, jewellery, shoes, your dress and any other significant items to take photos of these important details before you put them on. I will then look to capture those finishing touches of blush and last few curls. Here are a few tips to ensure your details and getting ready photos are beautiful and timeless:

Location: This is the place you’ll be spending your giddy and nervous moments with the girls before becoming a wife! These memories might feel like a blur compared to other events on your wedding day, so these photos end up being some of the bride’s most cherished shots. That being said, it’s important to get ready in a beautiful, peaceful place! Most venues offer great bridal suits, if you are getting ready at home then think about getting ready in a spacious room with plenty of natural light, this will not only help me but also the hair and makeup artists.

Lighting: If you can, try to get ready in a room with natural light. Not only will this help create a calm atmosphere for you and your ladies, but it will also mean beautiful getting ready photos. I will often turn off all of the inside lights when I arrive to get a few photos using just the natural light, so choosing a room with lots of windows will help your photos look awesome!

Details: I love to take photos of your details beforehand. It’s a super special way to remember the work you put into creating the perfect invitations, highlight your jewellery, and have close-up photos of your rings. It’s extremely helpful if all of the details that matter to you are in one place as soon as I arrive, as they’re often some of the first photos I will take! If you want photos of your dress before you put it on, consider investing in a pretty wooden hanger or metal hanger. Other details include: your rings (engagement and both wedding bands), invitations, jewellery, perfume, shoes, veil or any other little items that might be important to you.

Timing: Always give yourself more time than you think you’ll need. It’s better to be ready early than to have hair/make-up cutting into your photo time! 

Cleanliness: This one is extremely important, especially in a room full of girls! It’s important to keep your room free of clutter. Not only will this help you feel more calm, but it will also allow for less distractions in your photos! You don’t have to be OCD about it, and I’ll do my best to move things around as needed, but try to remember to stash shoe boxes, food and rubbish away.

Getting Dressed: If your bridesmaids, mum and anyone else helping you get ready are able to, have them get dressed before you. They’ll likely be in the photos as you’re putting the final bits of your dress on, so it looks much better if everyone is fully dressed! I don’t start taking photos until your dress is being zipped or buttoned. Look at your dress, yourself in the mirror, and the people surrounding you. If I need to I will give you a few directions to get some stunning portrait shots of you in your dress 🙂

Your ceremony is truly the most important part of the day. It’s why we’re all here! 

​Although this is probably one of the most nerve wracking parts of the day it’s important to remember not to hide all those nerves and excitement, some of the best pictures are of the bride walking down the aisle glancing lovingly in to her husband to be’s eyes. Be yourselves and enjoy every second of it.

​During the ceremony I will discreetly move between the front and the back to capture your moments from different angles (with the registrars permission).

​When it comes to the first kiss don’t be shy to give each other two or three kisses, which allows me to capture the moment in different ways (closeup, landscape and portrait).

​Also, some of the best and most joyful photos are when you come down the aisle together as husband + wife, so take your time, hug your family, and stop for one more celebratory kiss at the top of the aisle! One fun thing to consider is giving the people in the aisle seats something like lavender or flower petals to throw – it will make that moment feel so special! (if allowed).

​If you are wanting a confetti shot then now is the time to do it. Once you have walked back up the aisle and your guests are out of their seats I will direct them to the preferred location where they can line up ready for your confetti photos 🙂

Family Portraits: For some reason family portraits get a bad rep as being stressful and taking too long (honestly I think it’s because everyone just gets hangry) but it’s my mission to make family formals a painless experience! The way I do this is by planning ahead. I go into family portraits with a shot list so I don’t make grandma stand around for an unnecessary amount of time. I strongly encourage you to think through which groupings are most important, and be sure to give me a good list in your wedding details form with names. Here are a few tips:

​Keep it simple. The longer (and more contrived) the list, the more time it will take. (try and stick to a maximum of 10 group shots, remember I am there all day so if there are any other small group shots that you want we can always grab them at other points in the day)

Consider assigning an usher or bridesmaid (that knows everyones names) to help me keep everyone organized and coordinated. 

The group shots can be taken straight after the ceremony when everyone is together or we can gather everyone just before the reception. If the ceremony and reception are in different places think about where you would like the pictures (remember about lighting and timings – we don’t want to be taking group photos in the dark)

First of all, there is no such thing as too much time for bride + groom portraits. The more time we have, the more we can relax and get a variety of photos! That being said, you invited all your guests for a reason so your time with them is extremely important. I can work with whatever time you have allocated whether it be 20 minutes or 60 minutes. 

​I want to work with you, the surroundings, weather and light to get the best possible portraits of the both of you. I will try to spread out the portrait shots throughout the day (a few giddy ones after the ceremony, some beautiful moments between the ceremony and reception and once again just before sunset)

​Tip: If you haven’t done an engagement session  with me and you are nervous about your portrait photos then I would recommend booking one in – I guarantee you will be excited for the portrait shots on the wedding day.

The reception is your time to relax and enjoy the company of your family and guests.

​I will be around documenting and capturing all the candid moments up until your meal (at this point I will find a quiet spot and grab a nibble myself)

​Whether your speeches are before or after the meal doesn’t matter. I will set myself up in a position to capture the speeches and reactions of the guests. 

​After the speeches I will go back to documenting your evening including the cake cut, first dance and any other activities you may have going on 🙂

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